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This began as a way to organize recipes I found in magazines - much easier than a bunch of papers piling up all over the place! I've also started sharing some of my own personal & favorite recipes.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


 1 1/2 pounds chopmeat
1 egg/Egg Beaters
salt & pepper to taste
chopped onion & garlic to taste (powders work fine if you're in a rush)
Bread crumbs about 3/4 cup, enough to bind
grated cheese to taste (I use Pecorino Romano)
Sometimes I like to toss in a handful of raisins just like my grandma did :-)

Mix all ingredients by hand, don't over mix but make sure it is all combined.
Gently form balls by patting between your palms, dredge in flour. Place meatballs in hot oil. Brown on all sides. At this point I put them into my sauce & let them finish cooking that way. They can probably be finished in a medium oven but I only make meatballs with spaghetti so I've never tried.

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