I am currently working on a re-model as well as a few memes. I hope to be all done by mid September.

This began as a way to organize recipes I found in magazines - much easier than a bunch of papers piling up all over the place! I've also started sharing some of my own personal & favorite recipes.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Menu plan Monday for the week of August 28th

To see more menus go to http://orgjunkie.com/

What we ate last week:
Sunday - thanks to hurricane Irene our power was out so we ran the microwave off the generator & had left over spaghetti with sausage
Monday - didn't know what was gong to happen with the power so I hadn't planned anything, we had hot dogs & beans
Tuesday - pancakes & turkey sausage
Wednesday - pork chops, savory rice, peas & mushrooms
Thursday - hubby wasn't home so I had a roast beef hero for dinner
Friday - not Swedish meatballs with egg noodles
Saturday - pizza & anti pasta

This week I made a crumb cake.

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