I am currently working on a re-model as well as a few memes. I hope to be all done by mid September.

This began as a way to organize recipes I found in magazines - much easier than a bunch of papers piling up all over the place! I've also started sharing some of my own personal & favorite recipes.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Welcome to Recipes from the Hovel!

I'm hoping this will be an easier way to sort & store my recipes.
If you're like me you're probably tired of finding scraps of paper & magazine pages that have never been sorted or tested.
You know there was a recipe on someone's blog that you HAD to try but can't remember which one. How about that cookie recipe that was totally inedible, but which cookbook was it in?
Let's not forget the recipe software that I gave up on after 2 weeks.

There will be daily updates since this kind of blog makes pre-posting very easy.

P.S. I'll be dressing the place up soon so for now try to ignore the boring look.

Looking for kid friendly recipes? Stop by my baby blog Heir to the Hovel.

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